Case Studies

Engraving v Stickers
A local Ipswich company producing products for the fibre optic industry had for many years used small information stickers on their Anodised Aluminium product giving the company and identification information. However where the sticker was being placed on the side of a movable arm mechanism within the body of the product, resulted in the sticker being caught and either damaged or removed altogether when in use. One of the assembly staff said that they could often lose four or five stickers during the assembly stage alone. Which in turn meant that most likely the sticker that did survive to customer delivery stage often was lost shortly after being used on site. This resulted in vital product information being lost and more over company profile and credence being undermined, not to mention the cost of multiple stickers and the time impact on staff replacing them.

We were asked if a solution could be found by engraving the product with the same information as on the sticker but allowing it to be viewable for the life of that product. After trials with the arm mechanism, we were able to engrave the information required on the underside of the arm which meant that it could be easily viewed but protected from damage when the arm mechanism was in full use. Our Fibre Laser Machine is able to give a fast, accurate and cost saving service which has resulted in A & J Laser Engraving Ltd securing the contract to laser engrave the arm mechanism for the client and the phasing out of stickers altogether.

Keeping track of multiple batch items.
A Company in the west of Suffolk make stainless steel machined blocks for a client in batches of one thousand. These not only needed to be marked with the client’s logo but have a traceable code letter with sequential numbering for fault identification purposes.

Using our Fibre Laser we were able to offer a permanently marked product which gave not only the client logo and code letter but with our sequential marking software, we are able to provide the numbering system they require. Using the speed of the Fibre Laser we are able to offer a competitive rate for the engraving and a very quick turnaround response time to the client, which in turn has resulted in cost saving in both the marking process and shortened delivery times to their clients. A & J Laser Engraving Ltd have now secured the contract for this work and have been able to offer solutions for other product marking requirements for our client.

Modern Methods
A local candle making company wanted to explore using frosted glass containers for their product which could be etched with the company logo and information regarding the product if required. They had already gone down the traditional route of having testing done on the containers using sandblasting, which gives very good results but it is a time-consuming method of marking the glass surface. It was also a messy process that required some cleaning of the of the product after sandblasting.

A & J Laser Engraving Ltd were approached by the client to see what the effect laser engraving would have on the frosted glass containers. Using our CO2 laser machine fitted with a “Rotary” attachment we were able to offer the client a compatible etching on the container in a fraction of the time it took to sandblast the product with no cleaning required after engraving. Offering a cost saving as well as a delivery time, allowing us to secure the contract for this local company.

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