Laser Engraving a Vast Range of Materials

Everything from metal to man-made acrylics and plastics

Which materials can we laser engrave?

Laser engraving is excellent at processing many different materials.

We’ve listed some of the more common materials below but if you have a specific requirement just ask..


Working with Metal, which is a robust and durable material gives excellent results when laser engraving. Available in a wide variety of types including Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Titanium, Anodized Steel and many, many more variations.

These materials can be easily marked with text, Barcodes, QR codes, graphics, photographs and so much more.

Along with Plastic, Metal marking is the most used materials for use in the commercial industry.


Many types of wood are suitable for the Laser Engraving process, these include Alder, Beach, Solid Wood, Cedar, Balsam and many other natural kinds of wood.

The system can also give excellent results on Veneers and MDF blocks. Once again it should be noted that natural woods are prone to imperfections that can have both a detrimental effect as well as effects that can enhance the finished result.


Particularly Acrylic materials are widely used because of their versatility when it comes to cutting and engraving.

The material cuts well and comes in many different colours and finishes. With multi-layered bonding available, colour contrast is achievable as the laser exposes the lower levels of colour.

This type of engraving on double layers or more is widely used for Identification plates and signs where stunning results can be achieved.

Metal Synthetics and Carbide

These materials are used in a wide variety of industries, many of which deal with precision machining of parts and products used in areas such as the aeronautics, medical equipment, automotive and manufacturing industries where marking is required for Identification purposes.

Many of these items are at risk of damage from scratches and it is therefore important to have a shallow marking depth from a controlled marking application.

Laser Engraving gives you the peace of mind that the marking will not damage the product but will also be a permanent mark on the product for future reference.

Natrual Stone and Slate

With this material being millions of years in the making they can be both beautiful and difficult to work with as the Laser’s reaction to it is dependent on many factors, such as hardness, density, tone & finish.

So it is never one hundred percent certain that impurities within the natural material will not show within the finished engraved item. However, the natural beauty and uniqueness make any item worked in these materials bespoke and one off pieces.

Other Materials That Can Be Laser Engraved

Glass, Leather, Formica, Laserable Rubber, Cork, Card, Paper, Cardboard, Pre-Painted or Coated Materials, Cloth

Note: Some materials are better suited to Laser Engraving than others and therefore the quality of the finish will vary depending on the type of material used.

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